Cloud Management

Cloud Management

The Cloud Management portal will allow you to manage multiple locations that have the iboss installed through one managed account. You or the iboss units may be set up anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Signing up for an Cloud Management account allows you to:

Gain Instant Access to the Cloud Management Portal where you can assign and manage your iboss™ units.

Remotely manage all of your iboss™ units from anywhere in the world through a simple web browser.

View live detailed reports of your iboss™ units remotely instead of waiting for E-mailed reports.

Configure your iboss™ settings remotely makes troubleshooting easier.

Give names to your iboss™ units and assign them to groups making it easier to manage multiple units.

Download and upload settings to different iboss™ units in your account. Upload settings to groups making it easy to synchronize settings amongst multiple iboss™ units.

Do all of this quickly and easily without installing software and without any network configuration. You do not need to know the IP addresses assigned to your iboss™ units and you do not need static IP addresses. Connect to multiple locations securely using SSL and AES encryption without needing to set up a VPN! Cloud Management securely connects your iboss™ units even through firewalls!

The Cloud Management feature is available with certain iboss™ models. Please consult your iboss™ User-Manual for more information regarding this feature.

Setup Cloud Management